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           Cost is Less than a Postage Stamp

Imagine, only .30¢ per A/R customer per month.

The average cost of mailing a statement to your customers is about $2.50 - 5.00 per statement

  • Time to print statements
  • Time to match invoices to the customers statement
  • Time to fold and place statements in the envelopes
  • Cost of envelopes
  • Cost of the Statement forms
  • U.S. Postage

Price of ePaperlessOffice - .30¢ per statement (Less than Postage required to mail statement)

Do the math . . .
Current Method 200 Statements @ $2.50 ea. $500.00
 200 Statements @ .30¢ ea $60.00
  Savings each month $440.00


Try it using your numbers . . .
  Statements @ ea. $0.00
 Statements @ .30¢ ea $0.00
  Your Monthly Savings $0.00


Filing invoices, retrieving invoices, making copies, faxing or emailing copies of invoices is tedious and time consuming. With ePaperlessOffice all these tasks are either eliminated or much easier and can be performed from your desktop PC.

Here are more ways ePaperlessOffice can save you time and money:

    Monthly eOffice
Time spent every day to file your invoices 30 min @ $15./hr 150.00 Instantly
Time to retrieve invoices from your files 10 min @ $15./hr 50.00 Instantly
Time to make a copy of invoices 5 min @ $15./hr 25.00 Instantly
Time to fax invoices to your customer 3 min @ $15./hr 15.00 Instantly
Time to scan and email invoices to your customer 10 min @ $15./hr 50.00 Instantly
Time to copy and resend statements 15 min @ $15./hr 75.00 Instantly
Additional savings each month 24.3 hr @ $15./hr $365.00  


Your additional savings each month hr @ $ /hr =

         Promote CRM – Customer Service

  • Your customer can view, print, and find invoices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Your customer can locate a credit on merchandise picked up by the driver.
  • Your customer can search for an invoice by PO number, Reference Number, Amount Paid without picking up the phone.
  • Your customer can reconcile statement online. Records will be retained in ePaperlessOffice for 7 years.
  • Your customer can search by Date of Invoice, Part Number, Manufacture Code, Part Description.
Don’t hesitate, sign up today and your customers will be more loyal and you will retain more customers. Click on a link below to view a demo.
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